What Our Community Members Say

“I have practiced yoga sporadically over the past 5 years, my husband is very new to the practice. We decided to start going to the classes to improve our climbing abilities. Dave has been a fabulous instructor! He gives clear instructions that anyone can follow with a peaceful environment. We certainly feel the benefits of each class immediately. After 6 sessions we have both improved in our flexibility and core strength, increasing our capability in climbing and bouldering.” M.A. -Nashua

“I love going to Sharing Yoga. The classes are generally small (8-12) people, sometimes more on Saturdays. The teachers are friendly & easy going and make you feel welcome. There are a variety of teachers as well with different styles you can choose from. No snootiness or expectations. They teach that you should practice yoga in a way best fits your own body & needs. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I have a hard time making the classes during the week because of my schedule. Would love some early morning or evening classes. Strongly recommend trying them out!” S.M.

I really enjoyed participating in the live streaming yoga class on this beautiful Sunday morning! (And my cat did too!) Please continue the online classes! D.C.

“I recently took the Runner’s Advantage class at Sharing Yoga. Having never taken a yoga class before, I didn’t really know what to expect, except that I hoped to be a better runner. This class really helped to stretch me out and helped with my endurance. I would recommend to anyone who runs or even if you just have tight hamstrings.” K.P.

“I started taking private classes from David about 4-5 years ago after having a spinal fusion surgery. I set up a private 6 wk session w/ David. A more caring & intelligent instructor you will be hard pressed to find. His voice is calming, reassuring & his instructions are very clear, if your not doing the position correctly he will immediately correct you & explain what you need to do & why. After every class the next day I got a text asking how I was. With this he was able to fine tune his classes for me. He is careful not to do anything that pushes me too far over my pain thresh-hold. David has been excellent tutor in what I hope will be a new road for me, a new stronger, healthier and happier new body, new me. I know my journey is far from over but I have an awesome teacher to help guide me.” E.T. -Concord

“I’ve been doing fairly well and continuing to improve. I’ve never missed doing the exercises 3 times per week. I don’t think the IT band is an issue any more. My core muscles have gotten stronger. The lumbar area can ache but seems to recover faster now. It has also loosened so that I feel as though I could have a small curve rather than a board.” J.P. -Milford

“I want to thank you for being such a willing listener and a gentle sounding board. Sharing Yoga has been a part of my life since it first opened. The willingness of the instructors to work with my strengths and limitations, to both challenge me and keep me safe, and to take a personal interest in my well-being is a valuable gift. I know I am a stronger, more mindful, and more balanced person because of Sharing Yoga. I am so grateful.” D.F. -Concord

“I’ve been taking yoga classes at Sharing Yoga for a year and a half.  I love the variety of teachers and teaching styles.   Some focus more on the meditative aspects of yoga while others are wonderful at leading students through poses.  Sometimes we’re lucky and get live harmonium or guitar music on Sunday mornings.  It’s a great atmosphere and whether you’re looking for a good stretch, an hour to unwind  or something deeper, you can find it here.”  J.N. – Bow

The best yoga studio around, no matter what your level. I’ve been in classes with beginners and triathletes; everyone feels comfortable and challenged. There’s a wonderful accepting calm energy here.”  H.J. -Canterbury

“I wish I had discovered Yoga years ago; it’s the best thing I have ever done for all around health and fitness.  I was amazed when introduced to Sharing Yoga of the number of classes to choose from. My schedule is always changing and the abundance of classes that are offered makes it easy for me to get in the number that I want each week.  I can’t imagine a better, more professional or caring group of instructors in any size city.”  N.H. – Dunbarton

“Great yoga classes. Relaxing, educational, teachers are down to earth & easy to talk to. No expectations here, come as you are, enjoy yoga, learn new stuff. I have tried 2 other studios in the area and like this one the best!”  S.M.-Concord

“My favorite studio to practice yoga, very inviting space and relaxing (completely non-judgmental!) atmosphere.  A variety of instructors and classes helps keep my yoga practice from becoming stale and boring.  I would highly recommend to anybody to check this studio out –  I live almost an hour and a half away from Sharing Yoga, and occasionally drive to Concord for no other reason than to take a yoga class here – completely worth the commute!” A.B. – Center Tuftonboro

“I love the atmosphere at Sharing Yoga.  Encouraging, calm and friendly.  It is more than a yoga studio, it is a community!” M.E. – Concord

“I’ve been attending Yoga Classes at Sharing Yoga for almost two years.  I started with the Yoga 101 series, moved on to the 201 series and now attend classes at least 4 times each week.  I enjoy the skilled instructors each with his/her own style and the different levels of classes. Since I have been attending Yoga classes regularly I feel more confident in other activities as well.  My general sense of well-being has been enhanced. Sharing Yoga is a friendly, non-competitive studio – excellent instructors and numerous class times from which to choose.”  J. F. – Concord

“Great instructors. Classes are fun, centering and healthy. Much of the year my wife and I go 3-4 times a week.”  M.P. – Concord

“Don’t let the informal, laid back atmosphere at Sharing Yoga fool you into thinking they don’t take yoga extremely seriously.  With several excellent, caring teachers and a range from beginner to challenging classes offered several times per day – morning, noon, & night – you can find a class at your level.  The cost is reasonable too.  Very good people!”  R.H. – Epsom


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