Here’s a list of our online classes []

[60 min] Yoga for Gardening?

[20 min] Relaxing Evening Yoga Practice

[60 min] Slow flow with balance poses

[60 min] Back, thighs & hips with lots of down dogs

[60 min] Backbending to counter-act too much sitting

[60 min] Quads, Core and more!

[60 min] Core Flow Practice

[60 min] Yoga for Hiking

[60 min] Yoga Class

[30 min] Yoga at the office?

[50 min] Flow Yoga with Harmonium Shavasana

[60 min] Power Vinyasa Flow

[60 min] Releasing the Back, Warrior Balance Flows, Guided Relaxation.

[50 min] Side stretches, twists, stepping forward from down dog, core strengthening

[45 min] Moderately challenging flow

[60 min] Forward bends & some balance poses

[55 min] Intermediate Flow

[60 min] Hip Openers

[60 min] Releasing stress related tension in the upper back and shoulders, a detailed look at extended side angle, and getting deeper into seated twists.

[50 min] Back pain, weight management and stress reduction.

[40 min] Flow class

[45 min] Yoga routine

[60 min] Twisting plus Half Moon and Dancer with props

[48 min] Floor poses for core and back

[60 min] Releasing tension from neck, shoulder and back. Standing poses with use of block

[30 min] Easy seated, post-activity sequence

[30 min] Legs, Hips & Back

[55 min] Warrior and Hip Series

[50 min] Hip Opening Series

[60 min] Flow class

[30 min] Easier half hour Yoga practice

[60 min] Neck, shoulders, upper back

[60 min] Kundalini warm ups & a back strengthening sequence

[60 min] Moderate Warrior Flows

[60 min]  Energizing warm ups, Shoulder issues, Triangle, Warrior 1

[60 min] Awakening the Psoas Muscles

[40 min] Intro to Pilates

[60 min] Warm ups, standing poses, seated twists

[15 min] Cultivating a Calm, Clear & Tranquil Mind with Breathing & Meditation

[15 min] Warm ups

[20 min] Easy Intro to Yoga

[30 min] Intro to Yoga for Runners

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David Breen is a Personal Wellness Coach. His clients get results by working one on one creating a personalized path to wellness.
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