Don’t know what to expect at a Yoga class ?

1- You don’t know what to expect at a Yoga class.

What do you picture in your mind when you think about going to take a Yoga class? A candle-lit room with weird music playing, incense burning, skinny men and women running around in tights putting their feet behind their head. Or maybe you picture the instructor speaking in what appears to be a foreign language, rifling off commands of things to do, and you have no idea what they’re talking about. You picture people, way more flexible than you, doing things you’ll never be able to do. You know one thing – you feel intimidated already without even having tried it.

2- You’re not sure you’ll be comfortable in a Yoga class.

You’re right. Given the descriptions above you’re not going to be comfortable. You don’t know what to expect or even if you do know what to expect you’re not comfortable with it. I wouldn’t  be comfortable either. You’ll be in a setting with people who are very different than you. I agree that would make me uncomfortable too.

3- You’ll feel intimidated in a Yoga class.

Correct. If you show up to a Yoga class and everybody is babbling in a language that you don’t understand, standing on their head on their $100 Yoga mat, wearing $100 tights, well yes it seems really intimidating doesn’t it?

4- You’re out of shape and you’re not flexible.

You can’t touch your toes. You had too many Ben & Jerry’s recently. You haven’t been to Planet Fitness in 9 months. The only “walking” you’re familiar with is “Walking Dead”.

5- You won’t know how to do all the moves.

You’ve never heard of twisted camel, sleeping vishnu, or  even laughing lotus pose. You don’t know the difference between down dog, up dog, and bad dog. Forget about Triangamukaikapadapaschimotannasana. I’d be lost too.

6- So here’s the thing.

What if I showed you a way that you could try a basic introduction to Yoga right in the privacy of your own home? No weirdness, no fancy-schmancy attitudes, no foreign languages. Just a website where you could login whenever you wanted, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, without feeling intimidated. A place where you could learn about how to get started with Yoga. Just me and you. I’ll share some basic Yoga positions with you, explained in plain English, and how to perform them safely. The great thing is, it’s only $10. For more details just email me  or if you’re ready to get started today click here for more info.

Thanks for reading. David

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David Breen is a Personal Wellness Coach. His clients get results by working one on one creating a personalized path to wellness.
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