We have 3 private Yoga session time-slots open – $139 for 4 sessions

Private instruction 

This is a special opportunity to take advantage of a great offer. We have 5 time slots available for private sessions with David Breen at a very special price.

What are private sessions? Private sessions are an opportunity to work one-on-one with David Breen for a 45 minute session. You decide what area of your practice you want help with – alignment in Yoga poses, relief from pain, stress reduction, injury prevention, putting together a home practice, post PT routines, emotional or spiritual development.

What are the benefits of private sessions? You can benefit by having David’s undivided attention and years of experience practicing and teaching Yoga and Meditation. He’ll focus on what’s best for you and what you’re interested in accomplishing.

Why is it a great deal? The regular cost for privates is $75 per hour. With this special you’re saving almost 40% off our regular prices.

What are the details? Choose one of the available time slots below and book 4 privates (meet once per week for 45 minutes for 4 weeks) for only $139. It’s that simple.

Available times:

Mondays at 11:00 AM
Mondays at 3:00PM
Thursdays at 11:00AM
Thursdays at 2:00PM (taken)
Thursdays at 3:00PM (taken)
email david at sharingyoga.com for more info.

Written by

David Breen is a Personal Wellness Coach. His clients get results by working one on one creating a personalized path to wellness.
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